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Bari 3 - Bariatric Trolley

Ref: Bari 3

Designed to allow patients to be moved safely and comfortably either from a bed or from a procedure table, this trolley can be used as a wheelchair, recovery trolley or even a treatment couch. The versatility of the trolley means that the amount of handling of very heavy patients can be dramatically reduced thus reducing the risks of patient or carer injuries.

Features: unique lifetime guarantee, easy electric battery operation, fully hoist accessible, low running costs, high density fire retardant memory foam, IV pole, large twinlock castors, padded cot sides/arm supports, push handle, hardwearing anti-microbial vinyl, able to lift 320kg from its lowest height, full choice of accessories and colours.

- Use as a Wheelchair/Trolley/Treatment Couch
- Electric height and backrest adjustment
- Battery operation complete with charging station and spare battery
- Able to lift up to 320kg (50 stone) from it’s lowest height
- Backrest angle adjustable from 0 to +90º
- Footrest angle adjustment from 0 to -90º
- Pressure relieving memory foam upholstery
- Hoist clearance of 13cm (5”)
- Push handle
- 80cm wide seat
- IV pole
- Padded cot sides/padded arm supports
- Divided legs with fold down foot plates
- Fully washable/ fire retardant Ambla vinyl available in a range of colours
- Twin lock castors 125cm (5") for patient movement
- Couch goes horizontal for patient recovery in emergency situations
- CE marked in conformity with MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX Class 1
- Electrical standard IEC601 part 1

Price: 3,588.00

Foot Switch Both Sides - £126
Foot Switch - £48.00
Couch Roll - £42

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Therapies Direct | Plinth 2000 Tables & Chairs |  Bari 3 - Bariatric Trolley